Monday, October 21, 2013

The Lost Art Of Hitchhiking

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Most people I know today never had the rich experience of hitchhiking. I truly feel a sense of loss for them. Hitchhiking successfully is truly an art.

In my experience, the art of hitchhiking included: setting an intention (often times a destination) within a general timeframe. The experienced and successful hitchhiker knows best locations or points of likely success; touch points where he or she would more likely score a ride.

But even with planning and knowledge, the experienced hitchhiker must be prepared for change. Surprises happen when you put yourself out there and make your intention known. The person standing next to you may be headed the same way. The journey could be three hours or eight hours. You had to deal with unknowns like the weather. Control often switched between rider and driver.

Having an exit strategy might help, but never was a requirement. It diminished the adventure.

In my case, I had tactics. I used a multi-fold sign to communicate a milestone or my intention: CONCORD, NORTH, HOME, UNH. This often created a connection with the driver. When I reverted to using HOME, it was clearly creating an emotional connection.

Milestones, intention, direction, destination, and emotion. Hitch hiking is not punching a clock.

I didn't mean to digress about hitch hiking.

I meant to talk about Strategic Planning. Start by setting an intention ... write it down ... establish direction ... communicate with others ... recognize milestones ... motivate with emotion ... consider exit strategies ... understand you will not be in control of the complete environment ... people may surprise you by helping you meet your intention.

Huh ... sounds a lot like hitchhiking.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Then again, what do I know?

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