Friday, October 11, 2013

Good News Friday!

Here’s a cool story about a positive that has occurred in the aftermath of the flooding that damaged some of Imagine!’s homes.

A group of ten AmeriCorps team members has come out to Colorado to help Imagine! fix its flooded facilities. The team came here directly after having helped clean up after Hurricane Sandy, so the members bring with them a great deal of experience in assisting others recovering after a disaster. They will be with us for approximately six weeks. They are bunking in one of our conference rooms during their stay. Imagine! staff members have been coordinating to provide the AmeriCorps folks with some home cooked meals while they are here.

I want to personally thank each AmeriCorp team member. Their contribution toward helping us recover from the disaster is so valuable and much appreciated.

The AmeriCorps team members include:

Front row from left: Mayo Campos, Tyrell Moore, Natalie Hillmann, and Stephen Silber. Back row from left: Denasia Avery, Alyse Kearns, Liz Griffin, Adriana Bayona, Kiara Gales, and Ryan Abdelnour.

And here are a couple of photos of the team in action.

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