Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News Friday!

If you’d like to learn a little more about the people Imagine! serves and the contributions the are bringing to their communities, here are a couple of good opportunities:

Last week, the Discovery Science Channel featured Alonzo Clemons (who receives support services from Imagine!, that’s him in the picture to the right) on the show "Ingenious Minds." Alonzo is a gifted sculptor, and in the episode he meets with Mayo Clinic neurologists to see how brain damage can improve brain function for one skill. If you weren’t able to catch the show, you can take a look at Alonzo’s segment by clicking here.

And this coming Monday, March 14, from 10-11 AM, participants in Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source “On The Air” radio class will be appearing live on the “Colorado & Company” TV show (KUSA Channel 9 in Denver). It should be great! If you can’t get to a TV, you can still watch the live stream by clicking here.

The “On The Air” class is a great example of Imagine!’s mission in action. Students produce a wide variety of radio segments with their own unique perspective, providing a great way to demonstrate what people with developmental disabilities can offer to their communities if given a chance. The students create the radio pieces from start to finish – they brainstorm ideas, agree as a group what they’d like to do a story on, go out in the community to do the interviews, write, record, and edit the pieces.

The students give the finished product to KGNU radio in Boulder, which airs them. They have done stories recently about Frozen Dead Guy days in Nederland, touring an ice cream factory in Boulder, a movie about a band made up of people with developmental disabilities, an art show featuring pieces by artists who also receive services from Imagine!, Colorado Pit Bull Rescue, and Imagine!’s SmartHomes.

If you haven’t heard any of the radio pieces, take a listen by clicking on one of the links below. And be sure to catch them on TV on Monday!

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