Friday, April 20, 2018

Good News Friday!

Today I’d like to share three stories of support from the Longmont community.

First, I'd like to offer a huge “thank you” to the students, teachers and administrators at Longmont’s Timberline PK-8 school for donating $420.25 to support Imagine!’s mission.

The fundraiser was called “Feed the Pigs.” The kids had to bring coins to feed piggy container (pictured below). Each container was for a different grade level. There was a contest of which grade would earn the most coins. The prize for elementary was extra recess, and the 5th grade won. The prize for middle school was a hat day, and the 6th grade won.

We love it when some of our community’s youngest citizens reach out to help create a world of opportunity for all abilities, and thank the good folks at Timberline for their amazing generosity.

Special thanks also to Belinda Chirinos (pictured below with her son and Imagine! Foundation Executive Director Patti Micklin), a former Imagine! employee who helped to facilitate this wonderful donation!

Next, I'd like to thank the Longmont Community Foundation for its generous grant of $1,900 for Imagine! CORE/Labor Source programs based in Longmont.

The Longmont Community Foundation has supported Imagine! in so many ways over the years, and we remain so grateful for all they do to promote the potential of Longmont citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Pictured below are Imagine! Foundation Executive Director Patti Micklin and Imagine! Ambassador Extraordinaire (and former Longmont mayor) Leona Stoecker at the Longmont Community Foundation event where the grant was announced.

Finally, Imagine! is honored to have been selected winner of The Longmont Community Foundation’s “Your Story” contest.

As winners, we received a $750 award, and will be featured on the Longmont Community Foundation’s website and social media sites. We are delighted to be selected, and once again thank the Longmont Community Foundation for its longtime support of Imagine! and the individuals we serve.

The award winning story and photo are below.

Longmont resident Gillian takes part in Imagine!’s “Horsin’ Around” class, where participants with intellectual disabilities learn how to build relationships with the horses, care for them, and ride them. Like all of Imagine!’s services, “Horsin’ Around” is community-based and designed to enhance the quality of life of people like Gillian. Community-based services enable people with disabilities to be included in society, as well as enriching communities by encouraging acceptance of all.

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