Friday, March 2, 2018

Good News Friday!

Imagine! recently conducted a satisfaction survey among individuals and families who had recently interacted with the Imagine! Intake Team.

The results were, pardon the pun, extremely satisfying! It is clear that our Intake Team is remarkably skilled, and their work is so vital in getting people who may be entering into the world of services for individuals with intellectual delays and disabilities started the right way. Below you will see some of the overwhelmingly positive results of the survey.

Congrats to the Imagine! Intake Team.

And here’s a few comments from survey respondents:

Staff was awesome. 

We had a great experience with Imagine! as well as the transition out of the program and into preschool for our now 3-year old son with hearing loss. 

Amazing resource. 

The Imagine! staff was fantastic at every step of the way! 

Thankful for this help for our family and little guy! 

Very happy with your team, thanks! 

Lovely team. Warm, personable ladies. Thank you! 

Everything has been wonderful.

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