Friday, October 20, 2017

Good News Friday!

The following story originally appeared on our Imagine! Voices blog. I found it so inspiring I'd thought I'd share it here. - Mark

“We were half way through the course when we realized that we were on the wrong course. We decided there was no point in turning around and continued on.”

Becky Toliver, who accepts services from Imagine!, trained for the one mile course at the 25th annual Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in Denver. She partnered with Kelli, a friend from church and former Jazzercise instructor, to prepare for the mile long walk.

“At first we were like ‘oh wow,’ because we didn’t realize where we were.” Becky walked with Kelli and her husband, Roy, during this big event. “It sure felt like more than a mile, but we looked forever and saw all these people still walking,” said Roy. “We asked someone and they told us we were on the 5k route.”

“Once we realized where we were, we said to ourselves ‘let’s do it, let’s finish the 5k,’” said Becky. “It wasn’t funny at the time, but once we finished, it was a great accomplishment.”

Becky works for Real Capital Solutions in Louisville, CO, and walked in their name. “I had so much support from family, friends, and co-workers.” Near the end of the walk, Kelli walked ahead of Becky and Roy to let the cheerleaders and Becky’s friends know that she was on her way. Everyone, including the president of Real Capital Solutions, cheered “Becky! Becky!” or "Turbo Toliver" as she crossed the finish line and walked 2.2 miles more than she trained for.

Becky felt this was an important walk so that she could honor the loved ones in her life who have battled or are battling cancer. The race was longer than she expected and still turned out to be a great day! She and Kelli continue to meet on the weekends to walk and stay fit. 

Becky (right) walks with her friend and trainer
at Race For The Cure in Denver. 

Becky and her husband, Roy.