Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Technology Tuesday

Imagine! has launched a new data system for the service records of the people that we serve. The new system is Netsmart’s Evolv.

Evolv is an EHR (electronic health record) system with well-designed functionalities for demographic management, service delivery tracking, and reporting. The switch to Evolv from our previous database was made necessary when the previous database no longer met our needs.

Imagine! is a large and incredibly complex organization, and our records reflect that complexity. We need a system to track the records of the people we serve that is able to navigate data, including the huge number of our funding sources and the huge variety of services we provide, all while protecting the personal health information of the 3,500+ individuals whose information we are storing.

No out of the box software was going to fit the bill, so the Imagine! Evolv team spent the better part of a year reworking the software to meet our needs. Even now that we have gone live, the Imagine! Evolv team is continue to work on fixing little issues that have cropped up. For the most part, however, the switchover has been very smooth, and most importantly, the folks we serve have not seen any disruption in their services.

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