Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Technology Tuesday

Today's Tech Tuesday provides another opportunity to hear from some of the pod people at Imagine!.

Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department hosts a Radio class that, thanks to instructor Jonny Brennan and the assistance of our good friends at KGNU radio (including use of their studio), gives participants the opportunity to learn how to produce their own radio show/podcast.

Here's what the class has to say about their most recent episode:

"This month our class explored the concept of "Positive Self-Talk." In our last episode we discussed the importance of self-advocacy and standing up for oneself when interacting with others, but what happens if it is our own attitude that we need to adjust? Sometimes in life we allow negative thoughts to enter our minds and while being aware of these thoughts is important, allowing them to take over is something we try to steer clear of. Being able to talk to yourself and build yourself up to get through difficult times is a skill we all can strive to develop and maintain. Today you will hear us practicing our positive self-talk to use in our daily lives. Enjoy!" 

Listen here.

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