Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Technology Tuesday

Thanks to the team at Imagine!’s Charles Family SmartHome for providing this week’s Tech Tuesday: an update on the progress of a couple of residents at the home.

We are pleased to announce that Anthony and Shelly are fully set up with their own iPads, accounts, and tools needed for digital accessibility. 

This will enable each of them to: 
  • Manage/view their calendars; appointments, work schedules, holidays, and special outings from anywhere 
  • Create customized reminders & lists with minimal staff supports 
  • Text message/video message (iPad reads sent text messages to them) 
  • Receive Email (iPad reads emails to them) 
  • Video chat (via facetime) 
  • Enjoy their preprogramed favorite music/skill building apps from anywhere 
  • Manage photos & videos, and social media 
  • Control synced environmental controls 
This continues to be a work in progress, but Shelly has had very promising results using a Bluetooth switch for IPad navigation. She is pictured above familiarizing herself with the switch interface. 

Anthony has chosen to take an active role in setting his own doctor’s appointments going forward, using his calendar and reminders, as well as communication with family. 

We’ll keep you posted moving forward!

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