Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Change Would Do You Good

I wrote about change on this blog recently. Change is still on my mind, and my thoughts on change have changed slightly. But only slightly.

In the post I linked above, I stated that I found the resistance to change in the field of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be baffling. Well, I’m going to amend that a little. Upon further reflection, I can see why resistance to change can be so strong.

The work we do is very difficult. From Direct Support Professionals who do the front line work of providing services to the administrative staff members who try to make sure all the paperwork (and it is a lot of paperwork) is done correctly, this field can challenge you both physically and mentally.

And as if the jobs themselves aren’t difficult enough, the environment in which we operate is under a continual cloud of uncertainty. We have to scramble for resources and undefined system reorganization looms ever present (at least here in Colorado). We’re asked to do everything all the time and told to do it using fewer and fewer resources.

So I understand the resistance to change. We’re delivering the daily promise while trying to create a world of new opportunity at the same time, and it can be tiring.

But I am not going to give in to the fatigue. I’m not going to capitulate just because change is hard. I will continue to advocate for sensible, sustainable, well-planned change in our system that results in superior outcomes for those we serve. I will continue to share, with anyone I can, my belief that technology can play a huge role in services, and that right now those possibilities are being criminally underexplored.

I am confident that my fellow Imagine! employees will follow me in leading this charge. We aren’t afraid to be the ones going first and demonstrating for others the benefits that thoughtful change can bring. We’ve done it before, we’re doing it now, and we will continue to do it in the future.

Then again, what do I know?

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