Friday, October 23, 2015

Good News Friday!

Ximena (r) and her Out & About Summer Camp Counselor Sierra
When Pablo Noriega learned that his work would take him, and his family, from their native Spain to Boulder for the summer, his first concern was finding services for their daughter, Ximena. A quick online search led him to Imagine!’s website, where he learned about Imagine!’s Out & About Summer Camp for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He signed her up right away.

Pablo shared some encouraging feedback with us:

I would like to let you know how pleased we were with our experience in Out & About. My wife and I found all the instructors and day-leaders that we met to be excellent professionals, and also affectionate and caring human beings. We are very grateful for the effort that you all made to have a Spanish-speaking instructor every day and we consider ourselves lucky to have met so many wonderful people. 

I would also like to commend Imagine! for the quality of the program. We were very impressed by the variety and relevance of the activities where Ximena participated. We also found truly remarkable the inventiveness and enthusiasm that you put into the design and implementation of that program. We believe Ximena matured, learned, and enjoyed her time tremendously in those six weeks. 

Congrats to the entire Out & About team. Great work!

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