Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conflict Free Case Management Issues – Random Interpretation

My two favorite cartoon characters are still discussing Conflict Free Case Management in Colorado, its implications, and its unintended consequences.

Today, their discussion topic is the apparent random interpretation of “conflict of interest.” Why are the concerns about conflict of interest, and the suggested fixes, being applied so selectively and narrowly? It seems a bit arbitrary. Let’s hear what our friends have to say.

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  1. I noticed that there are only three options for the reactions including either funny, interesting, or cool. If there are other options, I could choose one of those but the menu seems closed at three options. Where is the creativity and inclusiveness for other boxes in reactions? :) Marcia

  2. Marcia, maybe we could just go with emoticons. Then we could combine them for detailed reactions. What do you think?

  3. Interesting. Apart from the rulings being narrowly or unfairly applied the conflicts are there. I have witnessed them and experienced them from several CCB's. As both an employee and a provider of services. The mandatory referral for proposal procedures are a huge step in the right direction, however it not solve all of the problems. Any alternative solutions to splitting the services up? And why does case management have to be split off, couldn't the other services go instead? It seems case management is best served out of the CCB's especially since there are no other companies doing case management. I think the answer is that the home based and residential services can be profitable enterprises. The motivation to boot case management is a financial motivation and lies at the heart of the conflict free dilemma. I would risk to say case
    Management is the single most important service the ccbs provide. There are other companies providing residential, day program services, but not case management. All of this is just my humble opinion, and. then again what do i know?

  4. In your next cartoon, it would be helpful if you could expand on the idea of "choice of case management". What would the choices be? If it is just another CCB, then it seems pointless. The problem I see is not necessarily deliberate steering of clients into CCB-run services, but rather ignorance of case managers about better options.