Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Technology Tuesday

Imagine! doesn’t only embrace technologies that offer opportunities for greater self-reliance among the individuals we serve. We also explore the use of technologies that can make us more effective as an organization, and that will save us time and money.

One example of how we have explored technology to improve our efficiency as an organization is through our use of FleetCommander. FleetCommander is a web-based fleet and motor pool software tool. Imagine! has a large fleet of vehicles, and this software has greatly improved our ability to manage that fleet.

FleetCommander helps Imagine! maintain electronic preventive and repair maintenance records in one spot, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection; allows Imagine! to tailor maintenance data and reports to show repair trending among like vehicles, or age of vehicle, or mileage or other desired criterion; and Imagine! can use mileage as a guide to set repair schedules at the appropriate time. This permits required work to be performed at the optimum time so warranty requirements are met. It also extends the life of the vehicle components by tracking when maintenance and repairs should occur.

Through FleetCommander, Imagine! can monitor accident records in one accessible location that permits simple, accurate updating. This allows easy data extraction for use by company personnel or claims. FleetCommander integrates with US Bank Voyager system so monthly fuel records are easily downloaded. Miles per gallon can be computed instantly for any vehicle or combination of vehicles to measure against factory specs. This allows for research of significant mpg differences to be explored and corrective actions to be taken as needed.

FleetCommander system data is capable of monitoring variances of parts and/or labor costs so that the most economical resources are used, and system data can be organized so that trends of parts replacements can be tracked – such as tires, brakes, shocks/struts, etc. Reports can be created that are supportive of efforts for fleet obsolescence and upgrading plans.

Finally, the FleetCommander system allows for vehicles to be grouped/assigned to departments or individuals so that cost allocation is simple and accurate.

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