Friday, October 26, 2012

Good News Friday!

At times in this job, I have been guilty of becoming so wrapped up in my day-to-day work that I fail to pause and reflect on Imagine!’s accomplishments.

So today, I just want to share some facts and figures that demonstrate the remarkable achievements that occur every day at Imagine!. I’m not tooting my own horn here, the accomplishments listed below only happened because of the marvelous staff we have. Next time you see an Imagine! employee, be sure to say “thank you,” because due to their hard work, during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012, Imagine!:

• helped 901 babies and toddlers with developmental disabilities or delays progress toward their individual developmental goals (e.g., improved communication skills, improved fine or gross motor skills, and/or improved social skills) through occupational, speech, and physical therapies;

• supervised foster placements for 43 children whose special needs could not be met by their birth parents;

• helped 65 school-aged children with developmental disabilities to learn vital socialization skills to help them to participate more fully in society, while affording their parents the peace of mind that comes with safe and appropriate childcare during work hours, through after school, summer camp, and school closure day programs;

• helped parents of 60 children with autism spectrum disorders to select and pay for services such as psychological counseling, social skills coaching, and behavioral therapy;

• provided financial support to the families of 49 children with extraordinary needs who were waitlisted for services;

   • provided information and referrals to services to more than 1,300 families providing at-home care of a person with a developmental disability;

• helped caregivers of 211 individuals with developmental disabilities living at home to pay for the services and supports that were most important to their families, such as respite care, medical or dental care, therapies, or devices to help the individual with special needs function better at school or work;

• oversaw host home placements for 90 adults with developmental disabilities;

• promoted the growth, development, and safety of 376 local adults with developmental disabilities by enabling them to participate in enriching and therapeutic activities in the community, through day programs, classes, and special outings;

• provided job training, placement, coaching, and supervision for 104 adults with developmental disabilities;

• provided comprehensive mental health services to 236 individuals with dual (mental illness/developmental disability) diagnoses;

• provided a broad range of behavioral health services to 105 individuals, and educated their parents and caregivers about ways to build cooperative behavior; and

• provided comprehensive residential services to a total of 168 adults with developmental disabilities – from supervising 10 individuals living in apartments to providing 24-hour intensive support for 22 individuals with more complex needs due to age or severe disability.

I am humbled to be part of this team. Congratulations to everyone at Imagine!.

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