Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

The 4th of July celebrations allowed me time to contemplate some issues and strategies that qualify as uncommon, the road less traveled, or sometimes, the path of least resistance.

Over time, our human condition has improved by extraordinary effort to do the uncommon. Take, for example, the improvements in our human condition by introducing water management; creating reservoirs and diverting water from its natural course and creating irrigation canals. I am sure there was, and is, a great deal of debate whenever we take a natural resource and alter the course outlined by Mother Nature.

Picture a boardroom debate beginning with a leader making a statement which is likely followed by several agreements (the path of least resistance). It is much easier to be following in agreement and be wrong than it is to present a contrary opinion after so many have acquiesced (the road less traveled) and be right.

Our world of intellectual and developmental disabilities has similar opportunities for debate. Our efforts are intended to improve the human condition. I wonder if we are brave enough to do the uncommon. Do we have enough people in the debate willing to take the road less traveled rather than the path of least resistance? Are we followers comfortable agreeing with the majority, even if the majority does not improve the human condition? Or are we willing to stand up and be the person with a fresh opinion that offers an opportunity to improve the human condition?

The road less traveled often brings its own natural rewards with unique scenery and encounters with nature. When attempting to better the human condition, the rewards of the road less traveled are not always so immediate, but the journey is perhaps even more meaningful.

Then again, what do I know?

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