Friday, March 16, 2012

Good News Friday!

A big part of Imagine!’s mission is to provide the individuals we serve with opportunities to contribute to their communities. Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department has embodied this mission by creating volunteer opportunities for participants in their programs.

In addition to being a very tangible way to be part of a community, the volunteering opportunities can help individuals develop job skills and help facilitate a transition to supported paid employment.

Below are some photos of CORE/Labor Source volunteers in action.

At Community Food Share (when these pictures were taken, the volunteers were scooping beans into one pound bags to be weighed and sealed by other volunteers):

Anthony is scooping out beans to make one pound bags

Kyle and Corrina sure are enjoying themselves

For the past three years, a volunteer crew from CORE/Labor Source has folded inserts and put them into church bulletins at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Boulder:

Dale, in blue shirt, folds inserts for the church bulletin while CORE/Labor Source Instructor Jason provides minimal assistance and praise for a job well done

Eddie needs some assistance but is happy to fold an insert for the church bulletin

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  1. I really like this idea. I once worked for a CCB in Colorado that refused to allow their consumers to volunteer in the community. The CCB's position was that their consumers should be paid for all work performed in order to avoid the potential of the consumers being exploited; however, all this policy did was to keep the consumers from participating more greatly in the community.