Friday, October 28, 2011

Good News Friday!

Several months ago, Claire Findlay, Imagine!’s Family Support Navigator, facilitated a collaboration that centered on the need for José, a 70 pound child, to be able to access his bedroom, kitchen, and family area without having to be carried by a family member.

Claire and the family applied for assistance through The A.V. Hunter Trust, the Home Builders Foundation (HBF) of Metro, and Accessible Systems, Inc. HBF provided free labor and building materials to help lay concrete and install an outdoor lift (which they determined as the best option after their two at-home evaluations). Accessible Systems sold the lift at a discounted price of $3,800 (regularly $4,600). The AV Hunter Trust contributed $2,500 towards the cost of the lift.

The remainder of the funding for the lift came from Family Support and Imagine!’s emergency fund. The project was completed on Friday, October 21, and the family is successfully using the lift to transport José to the second story level of the home.

This has been a collaborative effort among all the above mentioned organizations and people. Kudos to all involved in this project, especially Claire, José, and his family!

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