Friday, September 2, 2011

Good News Friday!

I often use this space to discuss how fortunate we are to live in a community that is so supportive of the work we do at Imagine!. At our best, Imagine! plays the role of facilitator between those we serve and the communities where they live. When that facilitation is successful, everyone benefits.

So today I’d like to highlight two businesses that have embraced their part in that facilitation. These stories come from Imagine!’s Out & About Summer Camp program. 91% of Out & About’s services are offered in the community and do not involve a base site or segregated setting. The individuals served by Out & About can have some challenging behaviors, and therefore Out & About always works with the organizations where events are scheduled beforehand to ensure mutual understanding. Here are two stories of how that mutual understanding, along with a willingness to create a welcoming atmosphere, can lead to successful results:

At Centennial Lanes in Longmont, the manager and the coordinators maintain open communication regarding safety and quality of time at the bowling alley. One of our summer campers took a few weeks to adjust to the stimulating environment in the bowling alley and reacted by running through the alley and making loud vocalizations. The manager has kindly worked with us and shared ideas with how to keep safe in the bowling alley.

At Elitch Gardens, the kindness and professionalism of the staff was evident when they granted us accessibility passes to skip the lines. This was a great help for our campers who become anxious and have a hard time waiting and standing in line. Also, any time a consumer appeared to be having a difficult time, an Elitch Garden's staff would kindly approach and offer support if needed.
Imagine! and Out & About strive to make every experience in the community a positive one, and are grateful for the community members who help make this happen!

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