Monday, July 18, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

Some of my friends are aware that I often return to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to reinvigorate my roots, "refresh my page", and seek out a little solace.

While getting about, sometimes I am fortunate enough to find myself on a one lane dirt road (that picture to the left is one such road I often travel). Driving a one lane dirt road is an exercise in trust. You trust that oncoming traffic will do the unwritten right thing, like pass on the right giving you half of the available road. Like not take a half of the road out of the middle. And to do so at a reasonable speed.

We call this understood, not under-regulated. The system is built on trust. This system is intended for the few, not the many. For if this travel was intended for the masses, it would bigger, wider, faster, and full of regulation.

Medicaid is intended for the few, not the masses; the road less traveled as I see it. A person would think it would be accompanied by the appropriate level of regulation.

Instead, here is where the regulatory equation fails. In this case the road less traveled, the one lane dirt road, has signs, lights, and even painted lanes that are scuffed and washed away with every change in the weather.

Make sense? Not to me.

Then again, what do I know?

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