Friday, April 15, 2011

Good News Friday!

Today, I’d like to welcome the newest member of the Imagine! Executive team - Liz Smokowski. Liz will be joining us as our Director of Client Relations starting next Monday, April 18.

Liz will be responsible for the overall direction, support, and financial operation of Client Relations, Family Services, and Care Coordination at Imagine!. In her role, she will manage client relations, experiences, and data resources to ensure efficiency, manage costs, support decisions, maintain corporate agility, and ensure quality of care coordination, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

Liz’s background makes her perfectly suited for the position. Liz has served as the Director of Finance and Development and the Executive Director for Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley as well as Executive Director for Longmont’s Tiny Tim Center. She has also served on the Boards of Directors for several local non-profits, including the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, the Longmont Humane Society, Boulder County Advocates for Transitional Housing, and Our Center.

So, why did we create this position?

As you may know, I spend a great deal of time forecasting changes that will effect how well Imagine! is able to respond to the growing need for services in our area. In the coming years I expect to see waiver consolidations in both children’s and adult services. I also expect to see a modernization of the community centered board role. Finally, knowing Imagine!’s current leadership team, I also expect to see changes in personnel due to retirement plans (and no, I won’t mention any names, but it isn’t me).

These issues, and some additional factors in Imagine!’s current ability to access the knowledge necessary to make good decisions, have given me reason to reposition us a little bit for the future. Planning for this position has been ongoing for over two years, and has been included in the Imagine! Strategic Plan for over a year. This new position has significant purpose, and was created for the well-being of Imagine!’s future, and more importantly, to keep us on track to meet the needs of those we serve moving forward.

For Imagine! employees reading this post, please drop by and say “hi” to Liz if you get a chance. Her office will be in our Dixon St. building, just west of the mailroom. And expect to see a new face visiting sights and joining in your meetings to learn about our working culture over the next few weeks and months.

For others, I’ll keep you posted as we move forward with this exciting new phase at Imagine!. I am confident that the time is right for this change.

Welcome to the Imagine! team, Liz!

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  1. Congratulation to Imagine! for hiring such an amazing woman!