Friday, January 7, 2011

Good News Friday!

Sometimes the best stories about Imagine! and the work we do come from others. Today, I’d like to share an email I received from the mother of one of the young children we serve at Imagine!. First, a quick point of clarification - two of the providers for the Hubbard family are private contractors, not Imagine! service providers – demonstrating our commitment at Imagine! to finding the best provider fit for an individual or family's hopes, needs, and desires.

Thanks to Mayassa for letting us share this story and the great picture of Zade!

Mark Emery-I received your email address from Laura Free (Imagine! Part C Service Coordinator) and I am writing to tell you how grateful my husband and I are for your program and services. Honestly its not just the services it’s the wonderful staff that have been coming into our home to help us with Zade.
Zade is almost 10 months old now and if you would have seen him months ago before all the wonderful people providing their care you would not believe the difference! He looks like a completely different boy. Zade had a milk protein allergy, eczema, acid reflux, severe gassiness and bloating, limited weight gain, had aldosterone issues and ended up in Children’s Hospital in July for a few days. Zade had almost no core strength and was not a super eager eater as he got exhausted easily especially since we didn’t know that his posture would impact him when eating jarred foods. Zade would give up trying to sit after a second or two and now he can hold himself up for much more than that!! He has been steadily gaining weight and has made progress with both fine and gross motor skills. He reaches for toys, rolls from side to side very well, holds his head up straight and with ambition.

My list can go on and on… I am always impressed at the loving, nurturing, authenticness of the staff that have been helping us. They genuinely care for our son and that really really helps. I work full time and my husband is a stay at home dad and I feel so fortunate to have such support helping us with our 1st time parent skills. When I know either Laura, OT, PT or the Public Health nurse are coming over I feel so reassured. I have worked in so many human services related fields and know days can be long and at times quite challenging. The staff that have worked with us have been so patient and thorough and when we would get confused they would go the extra mile to make sure we understood.

Thanks so much

Sincerely, Mayasa, Dan and Zade Hubbard

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