Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good News Friday!

Yes, I know I’m actually posting this on Thursday, but meetings and conferences have made for a crazy schedule this week, and I really wanted to share the video below.

You know, the best endorsements of what we do at Imagine! come not from us, but from the folks and the communities we serve.

Broomfield United Methodist Church made this video below and showed it at their services on October 3rd. The video includes comments by Carl, the church’s custodian who receives support services from Imagine!, and his brother Scott, regarding the partnership between Broomfield United Methodist Church and Imagine!.

Thanks to the good folks at Broomfield United Methodist Church for their support of Imagine!, but more importantly, their support of Carl.


  1. Great video, Carl is a great success story for the industry. One comment would be that if Carl's comments are going to be captioned, then caption everyone's comments :)

    Thanks for sharing this,

  2. Steve, you are right on the money. We will take this in to consideration as we move forward.
    Thanks for the comment.