Friday, July 16, 2010

Good News Friday!

On Friday, July 23rd, during the news hour (between 8AM-9AM, most likely around 8:15AM), students in Imagine!’s C.O.R.E./Labor Source Journalism Class will have a radio piece they created airing on KGNU radio (88.5FM or online at

The students did everything themselves: writing the script, recording the audio, mixing the audio, editing (with some help from staff this first time around), choosing the music, and pretty much everything else.

A few of the members of the class will also be going on the air live to introduce themselves and the piece itself. What will be aired will be an excerpted version of the full piece (for time reasons), but the full piece will be online for anyone to listen to.

Congrats to the students in the class, and please listen if you get a chance!

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