Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Humiliations Galore!

This week I am stepping outside the boundaries of the world of cognitive disabilities for a brief tribute. You see, some colleagues of mine insist in a simple wager during the course of the NFL season. The object is to identify teams that you think can make the most remarkable turnaround from season to season. Picking the best team each season is apparently too easy. The wager is a cup of coffee to winner along with public humiliation to the losers. Anyone who knows me would realize the lack of rules and potential for significant rewards makes this a perfect challenge. Even though I ended the regular season with arguably the hottest team in the NFL, I was bested by none other than our own Fred Hobbs, Director of Public Relations. Hours of studying film, team strategies, rosters, back office personnel, and off-season deeds, led Fred to the winning combination. I offer my congratulations to Fred. I have suffered humiliations galore while he takes the throne as king of the NFL hill.
Once again, what do I know?


  1. Just to clarify one of Mark's statements, I think that it is indeed arguable that his pick, the Cleveland Browns, ended the regular season as the hottest team in the NFL.
    Humbly submitted, Gary Stebick and his Buffalo Bills

  2. Mark, Mark, Mark... while I could go on and on about how Fred rigged this contest, the truth is that Fred won this contest outright. He is Mr. NFL for 2010 and I am humbled to know him. Congratulations Mr. Hobbs - Au latte - Chai - or a Vanilla Steamer? What's your preference?

  3. Mark (Gary and Greg)
    Thanks for the post, it is good to have light hearted chatter now and again.

  4. Best. Post. EVER!