Friday, November 20, 2009

Good News Friday!

Next Thursday, Dave Query, owner of Big Red F Restaurant Group, will be donating a complete Thanksgiving dinner to over 400 Imagine! clients and their families. This is the 6th year that Dave has hosted this special event.

That is not all that Dave has done for us. Though he owns and operates six restaurants and is father to three teenagers, he still found time to serve on the Imagine! Foundation board, and has held many fundraising events to benefit Imagine! in his restaurants, including Jax Boulder Oyster Eating Contests and Zolo Grill’s Zololympics.

Dave has also hosted luncheons and wine tastings for prospective donors at Rhumba, and donated the catering for board get-togethers and fundraising events in private homes.

Most of all, Dave has shared with Imagine! and the Imagine! Foundation his passion, integrity, and generous spirit. We are most grateful.

Thanks Dave, for all you have done for Imagine!.

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  1. Thanks Dave, my family went a couple of years ago. It was amazing!