Friday, October 30, 2009

Good News Friday!

Sometimes, it is best to let the people we serve explain why what we do is so important. Take a look at the note below, sent to us recently from a family who receives a Family Support Grant from our Family Services department.

We have been a recipient of Family Support Grants. These grants have greatly aided our family. Our primary use for these funds was to provide for respite care, Out & About (therapeutic services) and Out & About's Summer Camp.

We have two adopted, special needs adult children, making it very challenging to finance their care, in addition to the ongoing needs of the family.

Through respite care, these grants helped provide for our son’s expenses in Out & About, as well as to fund him for several days of summer camp. These programs allowed us to have time away from the pressures of ongoing care.

Additionally, we have used this money to cover some of the costs of our daughter’s harp lessons. Our daughter was diagnosed during foster care as having fetal alcohol syndrome, a very low IQ, failure to thrive, ADD, and a variety of other afflictions. We were told she would not be able to read or write. Through the dedicated care of her harp teacher, she can now read and write quite proficiently, and play harp. In fact, she has memorized quite a repertoire of music. The family grant has enabled us to continue these harp lessons.

We are very appreciative of the support our family has received through the availability of these grants.

Thanks to the Family Support team for making a huge difference in so many families’ lives.

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