Friday, May 26, 2017

Good News Friday!

Last week, a team of Imagine! employees gathered to celebrate the upcoming (June 1) launch of our new data system for the service records of the people that we serve. The new system is Netsmart’s Evolv.

Evolv is an EHR (electronic health record) system with well-designed functionalities for demographic management, service delivery tracking, and reporting. The switch to Evolv from our previous database was made necessary when the previous database no longer met our needs.

On the surface, this may not seem to be the kind of thing I normally share on these Good News Friday blog posts, but let me tell you that this is a big deal.

Imagine! is a large and incredibly complex organization, and our records reflect that complexity. We needed a system to track the records of the people we serve that was able to navigate data including the huge number of our funding sources and the huge variety of services we provide, all while protecting the personal health information of the 3,500+ individuals whose information we are storing.

No out of the box software was going to fit the bill, so the Imagine! Evolv team has spent the better part of a year reworking the software to ensure that when we go live, it will be with a minimum of stress and disruption to all involved. For most of the Imagine! employees involved in the switchover, their supreme efforts came on top of their regular duties, but their commitment to making it work never wavered. Many hard hours, headaches, and spreadsheets later, we think we’re ready to go!

I believe the result of this hard work will be that no one outside of our organization will ever notice any changes when Evolv goes live. That’s a successful outcome, and the result of some incredible dedication on the back end to ensure our work of creating a world of opportunities for all abilities moves forward uninterrupted.

Thanks to the Imagine! employees who made this possible (many of whom are pictured below).

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