Friday, May 19, 2017

Good News Friday!

On Tuesday evening, Imagine!’s PR Director Fred Hobbs participated in a Nonprofit Pledge Pitch Contest hosted by the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County and Pledge 1% Colorado. Fred was pitching Imagine!’s new recruitment app, Imaginect. He must have done well, because Imagine! received an honorable mention award of $1,000!

Even better than the cash award, in my opinion, was the exposure that we received from participating in this event. Frequent readers of this blog know that we at Imagine! believe that technology holds the key to solving many of the challenging problems facing the field of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and that we are always trying ways of making technology meet our needs (Imaginect is just the latest example of our efforts in this area).

So to be able to network and present our work in a theater packed with some of the best and brightest in Boulder County’s Tech Start Up field is an opportunity that I believe will pay dividends for our organization for years to come.

Thanks to all the Imagine! staff members, Imagine! Board of Directors members, and Imagine! Foundation Board of Directors members who showed up to cheer Fred on. Thanks also to all those who helped in preparing the pitch - for Imagine! to be included in this contest is an amazing testimonial to the Imagine! team.

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