Thursday, April 23, 2015

Out & About With . . . Broomfield United Methodist Church

Imagine!’s Out & About department was created in 1997 in response to the requests of community members with disabilities and family members who care for those with disabilities to have more options for community-based recreation services.

That “community-based” element is key - rather than scheduling activities in a segregated setting, you will find Out & About participants (both adults and children) utilizing recreation centers, bowling alleys, movie theaters, museums, and even amusement parks.

Of course, Out & About wouldn’t be able to provide those services without the support of the many, many community organizations that collaborate with Out & About to ensure that participants are able to receive positive instruction, within a therapeutic framework, to encourage growth, learning, community participation, socialization, health, safety, and the achievement of individual goals.

Today, I’d like to acknowledge Broomfield United Methodist Church for its support of Out & About. Broomfield United Methodist Church has allowed Out & About to use one of their classrooms for a variety of classes, as well as to use the church as our one of their Summer Camp base sites for a few years now. They are always very warm and welcoming to the Out & About group.

Thank you, Broomfield United Methodist Church, for your support of our community and all of its members.

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