Friday, April 25, 2014

Good News Friday!

Here’s a great story about an individual served by Imagine! who is making a difference in his community.

Michael, who receives services from Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source (CLS) department, has a passion for helping others, which he demonstrates by donating aluminum cans he finds to Cans for Hope, an organization that generates awareness and funds through recycling efforts to help the survivors of sexual trafficking, slavery, and abuse. Cans for Hope provides time and resources to established charities with proven track records in fighting this battle.

Michael is always looking for cans, whether it is at the Longmont CLS site, or when he is out in the community. When Michael arrives at the CLS site, he starts checking the recycle bins for any cans that have been thrown into them. Michael also volunteers for the CLS park clean-up activity once a week and grabs a second bag for putting his prized cans into. When Michael is out in the community, he talks to others about how he is collecting cans for Cans for Hope. Once Michael has collected the cans, he then places them in the Cans for Hope bin located at the Longmont CLS site. Since Michael started collecting the cans in January 2014, he has collected four large bags of cans weighing more than 32 pounds!

If you would like assist Michael with his support to Cans of Hope, you may drop aluminum cans off at the Longmont CLS office, located at 1960 Ken Pratt in Longmont, or you can contact CORE/Labor Source instructor Lorna Diehl by sending her an email at and she will try to arrange for pickups of the cans.

Pictured from the left, Dan Welch, CLS Instructor; Lorna Diehl, CLS Instructor, Michael (with Cans for Hope sweatshirt that had just been given to him); and Barb Murphy, Executive Director of Cans for Hope.

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