Sunday, May 26, 2013

Up For The Challenge

Leadership and inspiration comes in many different shapes and forms, and from different people at Imagine!. Sometimes it is a great new idea. Sometimes it is exceptional service delivery. Sometimes it comes from innovation. Today it comes from a few individuals who are up for the Bolder Boulder Business Challenge.

This opportunity to engage with our community, wearing an Imagine! banner in a crowd of 50,000 while enjoying fun music and festivities is an inspiration for me. Michael Derby from Core / Labor Source; Heather Forsyth from Early Intervention Care Coordination; Sarah Fry, Tory Kennedy, Leanne Woodward, and Anne Slezak all from Case Management; and yours truly bringing up the rear. If you happen to see one of our bibs with the Imagine! logo, give the wearer a shout out. For me, my goal is to beat my age. Sure  - you can ask – but remember, I always tell the truth or something like it. See you in the stadium. … and Dad, this one’s for you.

Then again, what do I know?

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