Friday, January 8, 2010

Good News Friday!

Imagine!’s mission is grounded in the belief that providing individuals with the opportunity to engage in the community benefits us all. What I find so exciting about working at Imagine! is that so many of the individuals we serve take those opportunities and do us one better – they become leaders in the community.

Case in point: Imagine!’s C.O.R.E./Labor Source department recently started a journalism class, entitled Community Columnists, in which consumers write reviews about movies, books, music, restaurants, etc. for publication. Although the class is only a couple of months old, these consumer journalists have already made it to the printed page.

Recently, they have had two articles run in the Longmont Daily Times Call. You can check out those reviews here and here.

The consumer journalists also had a music review published in Yellow Scene Magazine, which you can see here, along with an “Editor’s Note” about the class. The editor of Yellow Scene, Andra Coberly, stopped by the journalism class to observe and interview some of the students for her note. In her note, she comments that including Imagine! consumer reviews in her magazine is “…an opportunity to give a medium of expression to those who have never had one, to show them and others that they are very capable, and to inspire our readers in the process.”

That’s what I mean by the consumers becoming community leaders through this endeavor. By putting pen to paper (or more likely, finger to keyboard) and sharing their views, our consumers are demonstrating in a very powerful and public way just how much they have to offer.

The journalism students are even on the Social Media bandwagon - they have started their own Twitter page! Take a look and give them a “follow.”

Congratulations to our reviewers, and also to the staff members at C.O.R.E./Labor Source in Longmont for making this class a reality.

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