Friday, August 31, 2018

Good News Friday!

On July 11, during an employee softball game, Imagine! Nurse Case Manager Jamie Zimenoff stepped up to the plate in more ways than one. 

Jamie Zimenoff
A player from another field rushed over to his dugout and asked for help, as someone had collapsed from a heart attack. Jamie immediately jogged over to the scene.

 Another nurse who was playing on a different field also got word of the situation and ran over as well. She was performing chest compressions as Jamie arrived. A third helper was also present, and the three of them took turns with compressions and breaths.

“I didn’t know this was a heart attack. I just knew he didn’t have a pulse and he wasn’t breathing,” said Jamie. 

After a few sets of CPR, the gentleman still had no pulse. An automatic external defibrillator (AED) arrived, and after putting on the pads, the machine advised to give a shock. Still no pulse. Two police officers arrived after the first shock and decided to let Jamie and his team continue their work. “The officer told me afterward that it was clear we knew what we were doing and he wanted us to keep doing our thing,” said Jamie.

After two more sets of compressions and breaths, the AED advised a second shock, and shortly after that was given, the gentleman’s legs, arms, and head started to move slightly, and he sighed. As he started to come to, the EMTs arrived and relieved Jamie and his partners of their CPR duties.

As the Fire Department EMTs took over and treated the gentleman with an oxygen mask, an ambulance drove onto the field and pulled up to the pitcher’s mound. He was taken to the hospital and treated immediately.

“Honestly,” said Jamie, “I don’t think he would have made it without the AED.” Giving two shocks and almost a third, the AED jump started the gentleman’s heart when he had no pulse.

Carla, Jerry, and Jamie
About a month later, on August 15, Jamie and the other nurse, Carla, had a chance to meet the gentleman, Jerry, at the ballfields. Jerry was cheering on his team from the sidelines, still recovering from broken ribs. When the three met, Jerry immediately opened his arms and hugged Jamie and Carla, expressing his gratitude. Jerry had a chance to ask Jamie and Carla questions about the night of the incident and learn exactly how things went down. Jamie and Carla were both fascinated at Jerry’s recovery time and how great he’s doing.

Jamie, Carla, and the third helper were the MVPs of the night, and everyone at the fields made sure they knew it. Receiving hugs and heartfelt sentiments, Jamie walked away feeling supported after a very emotional evening. We thank Jamie for his heroic actions, rushing to the scene and effectively using his skills when someone’s life was on the line.

And congrats to Jerry for a successful recovery, it’s good to see you back on your feet!

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