Monday, April 18, 2016

Imagine!’s Tuneberg Remote Supports Project Update

Today I’d like to share an update on Imagine!’s Tuneberg Remote Supports Project.

I’ve written about this project several times before. The goal of the project is to help individuals in the community live safe and productive lives with the assistance of technology. Today’s edition of The Daily Camera has a story about how the project is moving forward.

You can read the story here.

And here’s a great quote from the story.

"We're looking at new ways to keep people in the community in a safe and secure setting that also supports independence," said Greg Wellems, the manager of the project and the chief operating officer at Imagine! "The idea is to use technology in a community-based setting that will allow people to be monitored remotely and will allow their loved ones or caregivers to know when they are home, what area of the apartment or living space they are accessing, remotely lock doors, remotely let people know what facilities they are using, and support them with medication."

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