Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Technology Tuesday

A group of University of Colorado students in Professor Melinda Piket-May's Spring 2015 Engineering class worked on adaptive equipment projects for individuals served by Imagine!. Last week we gave you a sneak peek at one of the projects. Today, we are going to share several more projects.

In the videos below, you will hear the students explain the projects, talk about some of the challenges, and discuss what they learned through the process. If you want to skip ahead, and the end of each video you will be able to see the students demonstrate the project.

Thanks as always to Professor Piket-May and her students. These projects continue to amaze and delight, and even more important, they offer the people we serve unique opportunities to become more self-reliant.

Assistive Can Hole-Punch
This assistive can hole punch was designed for some individuals served by Imagine! who also work for our good friends at Oskar Blues Brewery so they can be more efficient at their jobs.

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Assistive Fishing Rod
This project is an assistive fishing rod, allowing an individual with limited mobility in his arms to cast his fishing rod independently.
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Game Show
This “game show” helps stimulate and improve motor functions and assists in improving focus and attentiveness.
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The next two projects offer opportunities for individuals who are Deaf to experience music and rhythms through vibrations – one through a headset, and one through a hand plate.

 “Innovative Vibrations”
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Vibrating Headband
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