Friday, November 30, 2012

Good News Friday!

Dylan with Dayspring therapist Mara Kuczun
Today, I’d like to share a story given to Imagine! by Athena West, whose child Dylan received services from Imagine!’s Dayspring department.  

I am writing this to thank and recognize the Dayspring therapists who provided amazing work with my son Dylan. I am so grateful to Mara Kuczun, Joanne Gesualdi, and Janine Randol for their work with Dylan. What they did for us was more than helpful, it was life saving.

When the Dayspring therapists started working with Dylan, we were in a world of hurt. Dylan couldn’t communicate and it was very frustrating. One day Janine gave me a tip to try to repeat what Dylan was saying even though I didn't understand him. So afterwards in the car, when I repeated what I thought he said, I got what he was trying to say. It was so exciting! I realized that without meaning to, I had been shutting him out because I could not understand him, which was not good for our relationship. Without that tip we’d have been lost.

There were hundreds of these tips that the Dayspring therapists provided us with. I had been having a struggle helping Dylan getting dressed, and Mara gave me a tip to help dress him by having him get between heated blankets, and with the comfort that provided to him, he’d let me dress him. Mara had suspected there might have been some sensory issues that were making Dylan uncomfortable, and the heated blankets helped him to relax and to be more comfortable.

Joanne showed me how to help Dylan settle down when he was getting overstimulated, by tapping him in a cha cha pattern. This was critical in situations like his preschool, restaurants, and stores where there was lots of noise and stimulation.

One thing I appreciate the most is that the therapists never made me feel like a bad mother. When you have a challenging child it can feel like you are not doing things right, but they never made me feel that way. They were always supportive and encouraging.

We miss the Dayspring ladies since Dylan has turned three, but we are so grateful. Dylan is meeting milestones and doing fantastic, and I have Mara, Joanne, Janine, and the Dayspring team to thank for that.

Great work, Mara, Joanne, Janine, and the rest of the Dayspring crew!

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