Friday, December 3, 2010

Good News Friday!

Today, I’d like to congratulate the 2010 Imagine! Employees of Distinction.

This year’s Employees of Distinction were selected from an impressive list of nominess because of the great work they do every day to ensure that Imagine! is able to meet its mission of providing opportunities for the individuals we serve.

As you know, we are so fortunate! to have so many dedicated, talented, and passionate people working here at Imagine!. Even among this impressive group of employees, there are workers whose work ethic, compassion, and creativity allow them to stand out in a very gifted crowd. They are truly Employees of Distinction, and I am honored and humbled to call them colleagues.

All of our Employees of Distinction will be honored at Imagine!’s Holiday party tomorrow. In advance of the ceremony, I’d like to introduce them to all of my blog readers, along with a brief snippet from each honoree’s nomination.

Congratulations to all!

Nate George

“Nate does a great job at keeping a cool, clear head in any difficult situation and continues to provide a subjective point of view and innovative ideas when tackling unexpected problems.”

Tim Johnson

“Tim has not lost sight of why he does his job—to ensure that quality services are being provided to consumers and to make sure those who provide the services feel supported.”

Jennifer McLaughlin

“Jennifer embodies the balanced approach that is needed in behavioral services. This is demonstrated in the way she considers a person’s feelings, not just what motivates a behavior.”

Matt Mock

“Matt often requests to work with the more challenging participants, puts an incredible amount of energy in attending to their needs, and has such a gift for patience and insight.”

Mary Simonson

“Mary uses skill and diplomacy to orchestrate a host of people, organizations, and federal housing requirements throughout the ticklish process of finding homes for those we serve.”

Meagan Witt

“Meagan offers a high level of service to the students in her classes, providing them with greater avenues of communication and adding meaning and value to their lives.”

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