Friday, March 12, 2010

Good News Friday!

Earlier this week, I blogged about supported employment programs and the value they bring to our communities. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Letosha Patton. Her story perfectly illustrates my point.

Letosha has many challenges in her life and has required 24 hour supervision in the past. Despite these challenges, Letosha has always been determined to get a steady job.

Through courage, effort, and desire to work, Letosha managed to convince Imagine!’s C.O.R.E./Labor Source staff members to place her in a job as part of a crew at RC Special Events, an event rental company. The crew environment provided Letosha with the supports she needed to enhance her desire to be a successful employee. She quickly learned the job duties and worked so hard that the crew was given more hours, largely due to her productivity.

“Since Letosha joined a C.O.R.E./Labor Source crew in May, she has proven herself to be an outstanding, invaluable member of our team,” said Jim Faulstich, Supported Employment Coordinator with C.O.R.E./Labor Source. “Letosha cleans folding chairs, packages silverware, and performs other tasks associated with preparing for catered events. Letosha demonstrates impressive stamina and strength handling the physical requirements of this job, which includes being on her feet for the majority of up to a six hour shift. She always arrives at work in a positive mood and is willing to undertake any tasks that are assigned to her.”

Letosha’s dedication to becoming permanently employed has certainly paid off. The Director of RC Special Events specifically requested that Letosha be a permanent member of the crew. At Letosha’s request, she is now working five days a week after joining the Hungry Toad Restaurant janitorial work crew. In a brief period of time, Letosha has become one of the most valued and respected of all C.O.R.E./Labor Source employees. She is to be commended for her strong work ethic, great attitude, and warm personality.

Letosha is a great example of Imagine!’s mission in action. We provide the tools, and she provides the drive, ambition, and hard work to become an active and contributing member of her community. Congratulations, Letosha!

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